Spacecake History
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A brief history of Spacecake

Spacecake first began in the Fall of 1993. Roy Carter was just learning to play the harp and write lyrics. Bassist chum Bret Mitchem was slapping out funk bass riffs to Roy's wacky words. They formulated a few ideas like "Your Mother's Brother's Funky Uncle" and "Meat". The third element to join in was Jonas Flanary. The three were good friends who hung out togeither alot, but for some reason, never really tried to jam before.
With the guitar stylings of Jonas, they added a new sound to this mix with soulfull accoustic jams like "I dont want to be there" and "High Knob". Before long Matt McGuyer was kicking mad beats behind this eclectic mass of music. Many nights were spent getting stoned and improving long funk jams. Songs like "12 solid hours of free breathing" and "Last Gasp" (later known as You Look At You) began to define the direction of the group. A few band names were kicked around for awhile. Slanky and Crawdaddy come to mind. By the time the group was strong enough to present it's music to the public, the name had also taken shape. SPACECAKE WAS ALIVE.
On top of the hard-ass funk and soulfull jams (the cake) was a rainfall of psychedelic effects (the icing). More and more songs were written and early numbers like "Pierce" and "Onion Sandwich" expanded the bands songlist. Roy also began learning and incorporating keyboards into the mix. Which further added to the wall of sound. The band would record their practices to capture the sponteanous jam sessions and to play for their friend's at partys and such. Right away there was a great response. A small buzz started about this crazy trip-funk band. Finally it was time to officaly release this creature on society.
The guy's knew that you have to start at the bottem, so they decided on their first gig. Rick's Annual Pork Roast would be a perfect. It was an outdoor gig, in a small field that had a small wooden stage built next to a patio area where the giant grill resided. The crowd was made up of friends and family of Rick the pork guy. Spacecake would be opening for a country/western group that was made up entirely of police officers. That had to be the bottem.
Surprisngly the crowd kind of dug them. One pork patron was overheard saying "I took a trip and did'nt even leave the backyard".
The following week, Spacecake played their first normal show at a rented shelterhouse in the woods. Their friends Cherokee Indian Bingo League opened the show that night. The concert was a success. the seed was planted and the plant was growing.
Pretty soon the band was playing regularly around town and drawing alot of people to their concerts.
Within one year of conception, Spacecake was aproached by a guy that wanted to produce something for them for a small indie label. So, in December of 1994 they headed into the studio to cut a two song demo that would be put out on a vinyl 7" record.
In Feburary of 1994 Spacecake played for their biggest crowd yet. A few hundred people came out to see the hype. The band was a little late but they had a good reason. They had been eating Magic Mushrooms and painting themselves up in flourescent body paint. The only stage lights were blacklights that illuminated them. This show served as a milestone for them. It was indeed a cosmic experiance.
By this time, they had added the fifth element to the group. Steve "Spotty Dog" Swertfegger joined on rythem guitar and expanded the sound even more.
The "Groovacious Jivations" 7" was released on green vinyl in April 1995. Along with T-shirts and stickers gallore. At this time, Jonas was living almost 200 miles away and could only come into town for shows once or twice a month. These concerts served as the only practice the band could have for months. Even so they continued to draw more attention and more people to the shows. The record landed some regional collage radio play and spread the funk further around.
By summer, Spacecake had established itself as a money making act and gained some clout. A few bands expressed intrest in being the opening act at a show. But Spacecake prefered to be selfish and take all of the stage time to play for hours on end. They did some radio spots and a magizine interview that totally insulted them by making up a horrendos lie about them. Spacecake prided itself on being a totally original band. No cover songs. But the when they were expressing this to the interviewer, he decided to print instead that they said they "recently had to learn some Nirvana covers to please the crowd". The insipid fool was qucikly snatched up and pubicly riduculed by being stung up naked, upside down in town center, and it was really cold out.
By now Spacecake had decided to move to the same city that Jonas was in (a collage/party town). In late summer they landed a great gig outdoors at a huge ampitheater. The stage was so big you could park about 15 semitrucks on it. The best thing was that Jimi Hendrix once played on the same stage. This was indeed a shinning moment for them. After another big outdoor fest a few weeks later, they made their move to the new Cakehouse.
In this new town there are hundreds of bands starving for attention, luckily their reputation followed them and right away they did a live radio show and were getting good gigs.
Then just as soon as the plant was beganing to bud, it shrivled up and died. Tempers and insanity were abound. One member quit and the dominoes fell. Just as they were ready for their big break, they instead got a big break up. Within two years Spacecake had acchived what most can only dream of: a short stint in the spotlight. There is still a small murmur of hype surounding the band. Spacecake stickers and shirts appear periodicly on cars and people.
This website is a memorial to the psychedelic-improv-funk-pool of music that Spacecake made in nights of cosmic bliss.
Remember.........SPACECAKE IS RIGHT ON!