Bopozog's Bootlist
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Welcome to BOPOZOG'S BOOTLIST.This is my collection of bootlegs, animated films, weird movies and various stuff. These vids are for trade only.

ALICE DONUT 1990 Frankfurt,GER 30mins. A-
ALICE DONUT 1990 Wablingen,GER 15mins. A
ALICE DONUT "Rise to the Skin" promo 5mins. A-
ANAL CUNT 6-19-93 Brandywine,MD 10mins. A-
BILE 6-16-96 Berkley,CA 40mins. A-
BOOTSY COLLINS 10-31-76 Houston,TX 60mins. A Pro
BEASTIE BOYS 86-87 Various TV 35mins. A- Pro
BEASTIE BOYS 6-20-98 Loreley,GER 120mins. A Pro
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Compilation" 120mins. A Pro
DEAD KENNEDYS 6-16-84 San Francisco,CA 60mins. A Pro
DOORS 1969 Denmark "Live in Studio" 30mins. C- Pro
DWARVES 6-18-92 Port Chester,NY 30mins. A-
FAITH NO MORE 8-15-97 Loreley,GER 60mins. A Pro
GENITORTURERS XXX 1994 Belgium 60mins. B
GWAR 87-88 Rawgwar 120mins. B- Pro
GWAR 4-8-88 Washington,DC 20mins. B
GWAR 4-11-88 Trenton,NJ 60mins. B-
GWAR 4-5-91 Toronto,ONT 90mins. A-
GWAR 6-4-91 Lund,Sweden 80mins. A
GWAR 5-19-92 Miami,FL 90mins. A
GWAR 10-28-93 Cleveland,OH 80mins. A-
GWAR 6-2-94 Buffalo,NY 25mins. A-
GWAR 6-24-94 St.Louis,MO 65mins. A-
GWAR 11-5-94 Portland,OR 20mins. A+ Pro
GWAR 11-7-94 Petaluma,CA 90mins. A+
GWAR 10-30-95 Milwaukee,WI Metal Fest 30mins. A-
GWAR 11-25-95 Houston,TX 85mins. A+ Pro
GWAR 5-17-97 Petaluma,CA 90mins. A
GWAR 1-31-97 Jerry Springer w/ El Duce 60mins. A Pro - Also includes Slymenstra on Springer 30mins. A Pro
GWAR 88-97 "Promos & Clips" 90mins. A+/B-
GWAR Circuit City commercial with Oderus 1min. A
GWAR State of Gwart (Exhibit of Gwar props) 10mins. A
GWAR 1999 Gwar Unmasked 90mins. A
HENDRIX "Band of Gypsies" 60mins. B
INSANE CLOWN POSSE 4-18-97 Riverside,CA 10mins. A
INSANE CLOWN POSSE 9-18-97 Phoenix,AZ 60mins. A
INSANE CLOWN POSSE 12-22-97 MTV Rockumentry 60mins. A Pro
INSANE CLOWN POSSE 2-25-98 Phoenix,AZ 60mins. A
INSANE CLOWN POSSE 7-23-99 Woodstock 99 55mins. A Pro
KILLDOZER "Lil Baby Huntin" 60mins. B
KISS 73-79 Visual Evolution 60mins. A- Pro
KISS 74-76 TV Compilation 90mins. A Pro
KISS 1974 Winterland 40mins. B Pro
KISS 7-6-79 Largo,MD 80mins. A Pro
KISS 10-31-79 Tom Snyder Show 25mins. A Pro
KRUNCHY (w/ Eddie Hazel) 90-91 LA,CA 60mins. B Pro
MARILYN MANSON 1-25-97 Santa Monica,CA 70mins. A
MARILYN MANSON 8-15-97 Loreley,GER 60mins. A Pro
MELVINS 8-11-96 St.Louis,MO 80mins. A+ (Master)
MISFITS 1982 Live Public Access TV 30mins. B-
MISFITS 10-31-82 Bethleham,PA 35mins. B+
MR.BUNGLE 12-30-89 Guernville,CA 60mins. A-
MR.BUNGLE "Travolta (Quote Unquote)" Promo 5mins. A
MR.BUNGLE "My ass is on fire" Promo 5mins. A-
MR.BUNGLE 12-18-95 San Francisco,CA 110mins. A
P-FUNK 10-31-76 Houston,TX 85mins. A Pro
P-FUNK 1979 Houston,TX 30mins. A Pro
P-FUNK W/ SLY STONE 1979 60mins. A-
P-FUNK 7-23-99 Woodstock 99 135mins. A Pro
PINK FLOYD Video Anthology Vol.1 120mins. A- Pro
SYD BARRETT 1965 "Syd's first trip" 15mins. A
PRIMUS 1991 Roskilde Fest Amsterdam 30mins. A Pro
PRIMUS 3-21-92 San Jose,CA 80mins. B+
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 11-24-86 St.Louis,MO 65mins. A
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 7-25-99 Woodstock 99 85mins. A+ Pro
SAMHAIN 11-85 Baltimore,MD 45mins. B+
SAUSAGE 8-17-94 Pittsburgh,PA 40mins. A-
TOOL 7-21-94 London,ENG 80mins. B+
WILLIE NELSON 7-25-99 Woodstock 99 70mins. A Pro
X-COPS "Interloper" Promo 5mins. A
X-COPS 7-14-95 Berkley,CA 65mins. A-


Ralph Bakshi Animation:
FRITZ THE CAT 1972 80mins. Rated X
HEAVY TRAFFIC 1973 90mins. Rated X
STREET FIGHT 1975 90mins. Rated X
WIZARDS 1976 80mins. Rated PG
LORD OF THE RINGS 1978 133mins. Rated PG
HEY GOOD LOOKIN' 1981 80mins. Rated R
AMERICAN POP 1982 100mins. Rated PG
FIRE AND ICE 1983 80mins. Rated PG
THE NINE LIVES OF FRITZ THE CAT 1974 80mins. Rated R (Bakshi dropped out of this project to do heavy traffic, It is still good even without him).

Alejandro Jodorowsky Films:
EL TOPO 1971 120mins. Rated NC-17
HOLY MOUNTAIN 1973 120mins. Rated NC-17
SANTA SANGRE 1989 120mins. Rated NC-17

Weird movies:
FORBIDDEN ZONE 1980 90mins. Rated R
TETSUO:THE IRON MAN 1992 70mins. Unrated
BEGOTTON 1996 80mins. Rated ?
DREAMS 1990 120mins. Rated PG
NAKED LUNCH 1991 115mins. Rated R
BRAINDEAD (DeadAlive) Uncut ???
VIDEODROME Uncut 1983 106mins.
CLERKS LBX Uncut from LD

Andy Kaufman:
Tape 1: 120mins. A
My Breakfast with Blassie
Soundstage Special

Tape 2: 120mins. A
The Andy Kaufman Special
Comedy Tonight- Live at the Improv
The Dating Game
SNL- Mighty Mouse
SNL- Old McDonald
Van Dyke and Company

Tape 3: 120mins. A
SNL- Cannonball Joke
SNL- w/ Manager Buddy rodgers, Wrestling Women
SNL?- Oklahoma and Elvis
The Midnight Special
Fridays- Masked Magician
SNL- Plays Congas
Letterman- Tony Clifton
Letterman- w/ Jerry Lawler
Catch A Rising Star 10th Anniversary Special
Letterman- Sings Rose Marie in diaper and turbin

Crispin Glover:
Tape 1: 70mins. A
Letterman- Second appearance. Trys to explain his actions from the first time.
Letterman- First appearance where he freaks out and almost kicks Dave in the head.
The Orkly Kid- Short film from guy who did rubin & Ed.
Dennis Miller- Reads from his book Rat Catching.
Wild At Heart- Cousin Dale sequence. Hillarious.

Tape 2: Rubin & Ed ? 90mins. A
Rubin Farr in full effect.

Stop-Motion Insanity:
ALICE by Jan Svankmajer 86mins.
FAUST by Jan Svankmajer 92mins.
BROTHERS QUAY Vol.1&2 82mins.
THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF TOM THUMB A film by the Bolex Brothers.

Pink Floyd Soundtrack Films:
MORE 1971 90mins. Rated R
LA VALLEY (Obscured By Clouds) 1973 120mins.
WHEN THE WIND BLOWS 1986 90mins.

Howard Stern:
Tape 1: 120mins. A
Cheech & Chong Reunion
Last Tonight Show
Stuttering John on Conan O'Brian
Later with Tom Snyder interviewing Stern

AKIRA 1989 124mins. Unrated
BEAUTIFULL DREAMER 1992 90mins. Unrated
DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS:Gods of Tokyo 1993 50mins. Unrated
UROTSUKIDOJI:Legend of the Overfiend 1992 90mins. 110mins. Rated NC-17
WICKED CITY 1992 90mins. Unrated

Misc. Anime:
ALLEGRO NON TROPPO 1976 85mins. Unrated
ANIMAL FARM 1955 70mins.
BEYOND THE MINDS EYE 45mins. Unrated
THE MAXX 1996 120mins. Unrated
SPAWN:Animated Movie Uncut 147mins. Unrated

Misc. debris:
JERRY SPRINGER Too Hot For TV w/ extra footage 60mins.
JERKY BOYS Dont Hang Up Tough Guy 1995 40mins.
ROLLINS Talking from the Box 60mins.
SOUTH PARK Everything up till 1998, including uncensored, unaired pilot & shorts
YOUNG ONES Oil, Boring, Flood 1998 96mins. Rated PG

Various Wrestling:
HITMAN HART:Wrestling with Shadows 120mins.
SANTO & HIS PALS Vol.1 90mins.
LAS VAMPIRAS w/ Mil Mascaras
LOS CAMPEONES OF JUSTICE w/ Mil Mascaras & Blue Demon.
INCREDIBLY STRANGE FILM SHOW:Santo & Lucha Films 30mins.
AAA WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE 6-11-94 120mins.
Various Mil Matches